This window was failing structurally with tons of broken glass, paint, caulk and past repairs.  It needed some serious love!  I stripped it down and rebuilt it from scratch - what a big improvement!  Amazing how you always learn so much from doing a repair or rebuild like this - it is actually more work than building from scratch!

The "Before" shot - poor baby!

The "Before" shot - poor baby!

And the "After" - much better!

And the "After" - much better!

Best in Show!

I had a great time at the 2014 Glass Gathering Art Show in Pasadena, Texas.  This was a show devoted to art glass in all its forms and was a really inspiring event - lots of beautiful entries and great people.  My entry "Fall of Gold" received the honors of First Place in the stained glass category and the Best in Show award - happy dance!

Fall of Gold

Fall of Gold

See | Me

Hey everybody, I found a cool site you should check out - its called See | Me and it is place for artists of all kinds to post their work, advertise for support for projects, and make a little cash printing their images on t-shirts and postcards.

So as an artist I have a gallery page and I upload my images.  If you think they are cool you can make a t-shirt from them - full bleed to the edge!  You can zoom and pan and play with the graphics to some extent - its fun!

Here's my page - check it out!

Almost Done - Whew!

This great tall sidelight is almost done - I am so pleased with how it is turning out!  Each step of creating a piece of stained glass is fun to watch, but I think this is my favorite.  When it is being built the design really starts to shine through as the came lines get built in.  In this abstract design the line work is as important, if not more so, than the figural qualities of the glass.  Used some heavier came to punch up the curves and it looks great!


Kemah Flowers & Company

Hey everybody great news!  Jimmy and Bill, owners at the extraordinary Kemah Flowers & Company, will be carrying some of my glass artwork for sale in their beautiful shop.  They are amazingly talented florists, have a uniquely tasteful shop of treasures, art and antiques, and are all-around really fun guys who are very supportive of the Kemah community.  I have enjoyed meeting them and will be showing new work there soon in addition to the pieces they now have.  Go check it out!


Install complete!

This was a really great project for really great clients.  We redesigned and rebuilt the oval door lights for their entryway which had been damaged, re-using the existing bevel clusters and adding structural support.  Installed today and they look great!


Back on the Air!

Its been a long while since I posted to my blog - I would like to use this as a place to show work in progress.  Here are some design sketches for a cool new project - a big tall sidelite.  Will be cutting glass soon!