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My initial artistic education was in the field of architecture, in which I earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  However, I have had a long-standing love affair with stained glass, and during my graduate work in architecture this interest blossomed into the opportunity for a three-year stained glass apprenticeship in the studio of master glass craftsman Patricia Vloeberghs in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since then I have been creating residential, commercial and ecclesiastical stained and leaded glass installations and artworks.  The combination of my architectural and stained glass backgrounds helps my larger installations complement and accentuate their settings, creating the most artistic empathy and impact.  I work in both the lead came and copper foil methods of construction; employing colored, clear textured, beveled, painted and etched glass.  Recently I have been exploring glass fusing, frequently incorporating it into my leaded glass artwork.

My Houston studio Alexander Art Glass provides a custom experience for clients searching for art glass installations, and I am also currently the Artist in Residence at Harmony Stained Glass in Pasadena, Texas.

I believe stained glass is an alchemical medium.  It holds an interesting and not easily specified space on the creative spectrum.  It is simultaneously craft, architecture and fine art. It has a constructivist component that is challenging and architectural and craft-like. Yet its symbolic and historically narrative role brings it into a realm of artistic conversation.  I find it to be the perfect medium in which to explore art, craft and architecture, all of which have bemused me my entire life.      

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